Product Info

Circumvent G2 gives you great convenience, more options and a more efficient way to prevent PCV2 viremia than any other product on the market. Even better, this next-generation vaccine can be used on young pigs when they're easier to handle. So start your pigs out right and improve your bottom line from the very beginning. Switch to Circumvent PCV G2 or Circumvent PCV-M G2.


For use in healthy swine as an aid in the prevention of viremia, aid in the reduction of virus shedding and aid in the reduction of lymphoid infection caused by PCV2. Efficacy for at least 20 weeks following completion of vaccination has been demonstrated. In addition, Circumvent PCV-M G2 has a label claim for an aid in the reduction of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Administration and Dosage Options

Option 1:

Vaccinate pigs intramuscularly at 3 weeks of age or older with a single 2-mL dose.

Option 2:

Vaccinate pigs intramuscularly as early as 3 days of age with a 1-mL dose followed by a second 1-mL dose 3 weeks later.

Allow the vaccine to reach an ambient temperature of 16°- 27° C (60°- 80° F) and shake well prior to use. Use aseptic technique.

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